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Rancilio, D. Double Bell Flugel/Cornet Horn

Milan, Italy
Western Europe

Possibly German Silver
Possibly 1914

Large Bell 4.5 inches. Small Bell 4 inches. Overall Length with MPC is 14.5 inches
Engraving on Bell: D. Rancilio, Primario, Fornitore R. Esercito, Espartazione Mondiale, Rappr. P Codella, Waterburg Conn

Believed to be a rotary valve Double Bell Flugel/Cornet Horn. Made of German silver, with Mother of Pearl inlaid on the 3 rotary valve finger caps. The intricate tubing and many elbows are in very good original condition with no dents or repairs. On the other side of the Rotary Valves is a single valve. When you push this valve, the direction of the flow of air changes from one bell to the other, changing the sound from a dark rich sound of the Flugel horn to the higher pitched warm sound of the cornet. D. Rancilio was a leading Army supplier of world exports for the military. Distributed through RAPPR. P. Codella, Waterburg, Connecticut.


Owner: HWMC
Catalog#: HWMC