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Distin Ballad Horn

819 Tasker, Williamsport, Philadelphia
United States

Silver Plated

Henry Distin MFG Co. / Superior Makers / Williamsport, Pa / Highest Grade

The Ballad Horn was introduced by Henry Distin about 1856. It is built in the key of “C” so that one could play with the piano and not have to transpose. This 3-valved circular horn never found its way in to the brass bands or consorts, but was quite popular from 1870’s through the turn of the 20th century. Many companies began to manufacture them, some were make with bell-up or bell-down, in different keys, and with in a variety of modifications, i.e., the Boosey’s Lied Horn, Rudall Rose & Carte’s Vocal Horn, and Conn’s Mellophone. This Ballad Horn comes from the factory in Williamsport, Pa, when Braua Cameron Keefer was general manager, and later proprietor in 1909. (Elison and Farrar) Extensive Engraving with Gold Wash Bell / Lyre (Split Design) / MPC / Serial number 10301


Owner: HWMC
Catalog#: HWMC

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