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Martin, M. B. 4-Bell Schalmei Horn

Eastern Europe

Chrome Plated
Early 20th century

D.R.G.M. Signal

Schalmei/Signal Horn, Max Bernhardt Martin, Markneukirchen, c.1928-1930s. This German Schalmei Signal Horn has 4 Bells/2 Valves. It is marked on one of the bells D.R.G.M. Signal. D.R.G.M. stands for Deutches Reichsgebrauchsmuster, meaning that the design or function of an item was officially registered inside all of the Germany states in 1891 and so forth... These instruments were used during late 1800's to early 1900's and some were used pre-WWII. Other uses were early train conductors and also Hitler's youth movement had a band with these instruments. Later on they were also called FANFARE Horns. Each bell has letters: d', c', g, b. Serial Number 20


Owner: HWMC
Catalog#: HWMC